Venice, Italy's famed water city, began a trial entry fee system at the end of April to combat increasing traffic congestion, according to a new report. For nine consecutive days from April 25, and specific periods every weekend until mid-July, those who enter Venice but do not plan to stay overnight will have to pay a city fee of 5 euros (39.16 yuan). Any visitor who fails to pay the city fee may face a fine of up to 50 to 300 euros (391.6 to 2349.81 yuan) and will have to pay 10 euros (78.3 yuan) back to the city fee.



After the policy comes into effect, eligible visitors will need to pay their fees and obtain a QR code through the government website between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. to enter Venice. Tourists who have booked a stay at a local hotel in Venice, as well as minors under the age of 14, are also required to pre-register and obtain a QR code but do not have to pay a city fee. In addition, residents, residents, students, workers, and homeowners in Venice are not included in the fee.



The original intention of the Venice municipal government to launch this policy is to guide tourists to come to Venice during the relatively idle time through economic means, to reduce the traffic pressure in the city. Venice Mayor Brugnaro also said that the city fee is not intended to increase government revenue, but is aimed at protecting Venice, which faces serious congestion problems due to the large number of tourists, so that it can return to its former calm and livable.


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