The spring breeze is warm, all things recover, and the so-called plan of the year is in spring, and South Korea has arrived at the time of blooming flowers. Spring flowers in Korea are mainly cherry blossoms, winter jasmine, and jindalae, especially cherry blossoms, which have a short flowering period but are popular.



As one of the national flowers of South Korea, cherry blossom plays an important role in Korean culture. In ancient Korean legends, cherry blossoms are endowed with the embodiment of the divine dragon, symbolizing good luck and prosperity, the messenger of spring, and the embodiment of the goodness of life. When the spring breeze blows, students in South Korea will come out of the campus to enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom to celebrate the arrival of the new school year.



There are countless cherry blossom viewing spots in South Korea, each with its unique charm, such as Seoul's Cherry Blossom Road and Yeouido, where cherry blossoms are like pink clouds dotting every corner of the city. These places, whether it is the scenery or the atmosphere, make people linger, and become a must-visit place for domestic and foreign tourists in spring.


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