Many students complain that it's difficult to be a student because of the endless classes and examinations. Besides, we spend all our time in study so that we can't do what we really want to do. However, in my opinion, it's good to be a student. Firstly, all we need to worry about is our study. As long as we want, we can study with our whole-heart and then play. Secondly,  the pressure of a student is much less than to be a worker. After graduation, many things will change and the world seems so different from what we see in school. Finally, teachers are tolerant and patient. They are likely to teach us what we should do and what we can't do. And, if we make mistakes, teachers will help us correct them patiently. After graduation, few people would do these to us. In short, it's good to be a student although we have endless homework and examinations. 


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