As we all know, healthy is very important to everybody.But do you really know how to stay healthy? Here are some useful tips. First, we should do exercise if we have time.For example, we can go to swim in the summer holiday. Or we can take a walk after supper.Doing exercise makes us healthy and strong. Second, we should take more vegetables and fruit and less candies. Stop eating junk food and drinking beers. Last but not least, we should go to bed early and wake up early. We should have enough sleep, or we will get sleepy in the day time. If we pay more attention to the tips above, we will have healthier body. I wish everybody has a strong and healthy body.

我们都知道,健康对每个人来说都很重要。但是你知道该如何保持健康吗? 这里有一些实用的建议。首先,我们应该做运动,如果有时间的话。例如,我们可以在暑假的时候去游泳,或者晚饭后去散步。做运动让我们的身体更强壮更健康。第二,我们应该吃更多的蔬菜和水果,少吃糖果。不吃垃圾食品和啤酒。最后,我们应该早睡早起。如果睡不够,第二天就会很疲倦。如果我们都能按照以上的建议注意自己的健康,我们的身体会更棒。我希望每个人都有个强壮和健康的身体。
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