Despite months of anticipation, nothing could have prepared me for the impact of the actual day. Tears welled up uncontrollably in my eyes when I slowly stepped into my Alma Mater on high school graduation day.


  This was not what I had assumed before.

  I was over whelmed by a rush of sadness, not excitement. Perhaps this day was the last time I saw my old school, which had been my devoted companion for three years.

  I looked around, attempting to carry everything into my mind.

  The quiet trail, decorated with spotted sunlight shadows casting through the spaces between the leaves, the refreshing sweet diffused in the air, the brilliant flowers, the chirping crickets, and the vivid green grass! All the things I will miss!


  As if in a daze, I received my diploma from the headmaster.As I reached out my hand, I knew that I was reaching not just for a piece of paper but for a brand new life.

  Exciting as the prospect of a new life seemed, it wasn't easy saying goodbye to the old one, the familiar faces, the familiar routine. I would even miss that mathematics class I wasn't particularly fond of and the long commute each day that I abhorred. Good or bad, it was what I knew. There had been sunshines and rains, laughers and tears, and they still existed in every corner I could see. From that day on, I became a grown up, with all the bitter and sweet memories behind.


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