Food is not only the enjoyment of taste buds but also the embodiment of culture. Because the cuisine of every place contains the local history, customs, and way of life.



Chinese food culture has a long history. Among many cuisines, Sichuan cuisine is the most representative one. Sichuan cuisine is famous for its intense heat, color, and flavor. The heat comes from the pepper, but the real soul comes from the Sichuan pepper. Therefore, the unique fragrance of Sichuan pepper combined with the spicy taste of pepper, forms the unique charm of Sichuan cuisine.



In addition, Cantonese cuisine in Guangdong Province is also an important part of the long river of food culture. As far as I know, Cantonese food emphasizes original flavor and is mainly light. However, its cooking skills are more demanding, focusing on the perfect combination of color, aroma, taste, and shape. Among the many dishes, my favorite and the most representative of Cantonese cuisine are roast pork and dim sum, such as barbecued pork buns and sausage noodles.



But The Times are progressing, in addition to traditional Chinese food, modern creative dishes are also favored by more and more people, which combine a variety of cooking techniques and ingredients, breaking the traditional boundaries, not only to meet the needs of taste buds but also a spiritual enjoyment.



Food is not only a taste enjoyment, but also a cultural inheritance and development. Tasting different cuisines and feeling different cultural charms is an important "road" for us to inherit the essence of China.


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