As a festival full of happiness and peace, the Spring Festival has profound emotions and special significance for the Chinese people. It is not only a festival, but also a culture, but also a deep nostalgia and the warmth of home.



On the occasion of the Spring Festival, every household will be decorated with lights, and a festive atmosphere permeates every corner. When the red lanterns are hung high and the Spring couplets are posted on the door, it means good luck, happiness and well-being. And the family will sit together, laughing, sharing the bits and pieces of the past year, and looking forward to the New Year can have better development and more happiness.



You know, the custom of the Spring Festival is rich and colorful, among which the most well-known is the New Year. On this day, the younger generation will salute the elders, wishing them health and longevity, and all the best. The elders will give the younger generation lucky money, which means that they are blessed with peace and fortune in the New Year. In addition, some places have firecrackers, dragon and lion dance, eat a series of traditional activities, so that people in a happy atmosphere to welcome the arrival of the New Year.



In addition to these traditional customs, people also prepare a New Year's Eve dinner on this festival. On the New Year's Eve dinner table, people will taste a variety of auspicious food, such as fish, dumplings, rice cakes, etc., which means that the year after year, higher and higher.



The Spring Festival makes us cherish the reunion time with our families and harvest a lot of good wishes. Now, let us take this good blessing, bravely towards the New Year, to pursue a broader world and a better future!


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