Due to the rapid development of society, the Spring Festival, a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, is constantly evolving and progressing. In this process, how to maintain the traditional flavor of the New Year while injecting new elements of The Times, so that the Spring Festival with new vitality, has become a problem worth pondering.



You know, injecting new-era elements into the Spring Festival needs to be achieved through innovation. The innovation here is not to abandon the tradition but to combine the characteristics of modern society based on inheritance to inject new vitality into the Spring Festival. For example, we can use technology to allow relatives far away to participate in the New Year's Eve dinner through video calls. 



While maintaining the flavor of the New Year in innovation, we also need to pay attention to the inheritance of Spring Festival customs. Some traditional customs such as pasting spring couplets, setting off firecrackers, and dancing dragons and lions are an important part of the Spring Festival culture. These customs are not only rich in national characteristics but also the inheritance and promotion of traditional culture. Therefore, at the same time of innovation, we should also pay attention to the protection and inheritance of these traditional customs, so that they glow with new brilliance in the new era.



To make the New Year lasting in innovation requires not only our efforts but also the participation of the whole society. Now, let us work together to create a Spring Festival with both traditional charm and modern vitality so that the New Year flavor will last forever in the new era!


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