At the end of every year, the great ship of time will sail to the warm harbor, that is our home. At this moment, no matter how far away our wandering footsteps are, there is always a moment when our hearts are drawn by an unspeakable attachment, that is, the desire to go home.



In the days outside, we may be under the pressure of work, may face the challenges of life, or maybe immersed in the pursuit of dreams. Under the neon lights of the city, we are forced to learn toughness and independence, but there is always a yearning for home at the bottom of our hearts.



And the New Year bell, like the call of time, gently knocked on the softest door in everyone's heart. No matter where we are or what we are going through, this door is always open for us. It leads not only to a specific place but also to a deep expectation. It can be imagined that when many travelers return home, they see the old trees in front of the door, the paper-cuts on the Windows shining, and when a familiar smell of rice comes, all the fatigue disappears into thin air, replaced by full happiness and peace.



No matter how bumpy the road is in the future, as long as there is a home in our hearts, we have endless courage and strength to face it. The most beautiful scenery on the road is the way home.


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