I started to learn English in Grade five in primary school, which seemed a little early in that time. But now, the situation is completely different. As the deepening of globalization, people pay increasingly attention to foreign language learning. But many parents do not know when is the best time to study a foreign language. Recently, many educational organizations say publicly that children should study a foreign language in a early age. However, from my point of view, it's good for children to study a foreign language, but it should not be too early. 


Firstly, children should first study well our mother language. It's not so easy for them to learn Chinese,because Chinese have both Chinese Characters and pinyin. Pinyin have the same letters with English, which would make children confused and make the study more difficult. Secondly, children should have more time to play rahter than study. If they study a foreign language in an early age, they would be bored and inimical which may do harm to their learning and growth. 


From the discussions above, it's not so good for children to study a foreign languge too early. Language learning is important but not everyone has the gift to study a foreign language well. Therefore, when to start to study a foreign languge depends on children's interest.


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