There is no same opinion among people as to the view of wealth. Some people may think that wealth is the most important and powerful thing in life, while some other people believe that there are many things that cannot be bought with wealth.As far as I am concerned, I agree with the latter opinion. There’s an old proverb, “Money can cure hunger, but it can’t cure happiness” which simply means wealth can buy us some material things but cannot make us happy and free from sadness or worries. In fact, happiness, true love, friendship, time, health and so on are the most valuable things in the world and can never ever be bought with money. Those who just try their best to make money can’t realize the true meaning of life and will be the slaves for money. They can’t enjoy happiness, for they have lost everything, time, relatives, love except money. Then, what can money do? No one will share the happy moment with them.So, I think, money is not at all powerful while happiness is more important. If we always have happiness, we’ll never give up the belief to life.
        中间,也没有以财富的人们同样的看法。有些人可能 认为,财富是人生最重要,最强大的东西,而另一些人认为,有很多 不能用就我个人而言wealth.As买东西,我同意后者的意见。有一个古老的谚语, “钱能治好饥饿,但不能治愈的幸福”这只是意味着我们的财富可以买一些物质的东西,但不能 让我们快乐,悲伤和担心。其实,幸福,真正的爱情,友谊,时间,健康等是 最宝贵的东西在世界上永远不能用金钱买来的。那些谁刚尽力不能赚钱 实现生命的真正意义,将金钱的奴隶。他们不能享受幸福,因为他们已经失去了 一切,时间,亲戚,除了爱钱。那么,怎样才能赚钱呢?没有人会分享them.So幸福的时刻,我 认为,金钱不是万能的,而更重要的是幸福。如果我们总是有幸福的,我们永远不会放弃 信仰生活。
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