It is quite common among our generation to hold a party to celebrate our birthday in the restaurant.However, should we advocate that students invite our classmates and friends to celebrate our birthday in the restaurant? There are two kinds of opinions concerning this question.


For one thing, some people who are in favor of it consider that holding a birthday party in the restaurant provides a chance to communicate with each other, which is good for strengthening and closing the relationship between classmates and friends.They also point out that students can establish the friendships in the party. In addition, students can get some relaxation after study.


However, for another, others entertain a negative opinion towards it. They figure out that holding birthday party will increase the expenditure of our family and make family’s burden of economy heavier. Besides, holding birthday party in the restaurant is prone to lead to the bad habit of trying to keep up with Joneses, which is not good for our growth.


Taking above into consideration, I am inclined to agree with the latter. I do not advocate that our students celebrate birthday with friends in the restaurant. As for me, staying with our parents on our birthday is more meaningful.

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