With the rapid development of technique, there are many ways for people to watch movies.  Some people choose to watch movie in cinema, some choose to watch at home.  Different people have different choices. As for me, I prefer to watch movie in cinema, because there are so many benefits.
Firstly, watching movie in cinema makes people feel comfortable.  Especially when you finish your all day work, it’s a perfect choice to watch movie in cinema. As we all know, cinema is a huge space, people can relax in theater. Also, you can focus on movie because the screen is enough huge and the sound is enough clear. What’s more, theater is always clean, it make people feel like watching movies at home.
首先,在电影院看电影让人感觉舒适。尤其是当你完成你的一整天的工作,去电影院看场电影无疑是一个完美的选择。我们都知道,电影院是一个巨大的空间, 在那里人们可以完全放松自己。同样,在电影院你可以专注于电影,因为屏幕足够巨大,声音也足够清晰。更重要的是,电影院环境整洁,让你感觉如在家里一般。
Secondly, theater is a good choice for couples. Most young people like to go to theater to watch movies, because they think it’s better to cultivate relationship in big theater. The atmosphere of the cinema is more suitable for lovers. People's state of mind will change with the ups and downs of film. So, most young people will choose to watch love story in cinema.
Thirdly, it’s very easy to get a ticket.  We don’t need to waste much time for waiting in line. Nowadays, we have many ways to buy cinema tickets. The most typical way is to buy on the internet. Everything can be completed on the computer; all we need to do is to click the mouse. Science and technology make our life become very convenient. Besides, a movie ticket is not expensive, many people are affordable. Sacrifice a little money to buy comfortable experience, why not does it? The fast pace of life need to unzip the agent, and the cinema is good way to relax.
In conclusion, there’re so many benefits when we choose to go to the theater to watch movies. In today, life is wonderful, so we should find a more funny way to live. Let our life full of fun.
总之, 选择去电影院看电影有很多好处。今天的生活是美好的,所以我们应该找到一个更有趣的生活方式。让我们的生活充满乐趣。
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