Everyone have their own favorite season. Someone loves the spring the most, while other one loves winter.The one who like summer might for its hot weather and they can enjoy the ice-cream, while the autumn fans might love the sky floating leaves.For me, I love the four seasons equally, I cannot tell which one i love the most, because all of them have the special reason that makes me adored them.


Spring is a wonderful season to celebrate rebirth and new life. When it comes to spring, everything looks so full of vigor. The grass out from the land, the branches grow new leaves, and the colorful flowers show up everywhere, all of this beautiful scenery makes people feel encouraged and reborn.


Summer is a magnificent season, which bring warm to us, letting us wave for it and releasing the passion. Summer is an exuberant season that always makes people have stirrings to do something. Also, thinks to summer that makes swimming and surfing much funnier and the ice-cream taste more delicious.


Autumn, fruit is fragrance and fruit. Autumn is the season of harvest, fall chrysanthemums spit release each other, and a thriving scene. Autumn is the only season that we could see the leaves flying in the sky. And it is especially important for Chinese; one of a day of autumn which called mid-autumn festival brings family together and enjoys happy family reunion.


Winter is a season makes people feel sad and cold, but a warm, toasty house may feel great in the winter, that is the only charm that other season doesn't have. Nothing is greater on a cold day than a hearty hot bowl of soup. Moreover, we can make a snowman and have snow high in winter.


Every season has its own lovely charm, I love them all.


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