是否应该禁止燃放烟花炮竹 Should Fireworks and Crackers be banned?

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For recent years, most cities in China are not allowed to light fireworks and crackers during New Year. Some people think this is good for them to get away from noise.

For recent years, most cities in China are not allowed to light fireworks and crackers during New Year. Some people think this is good for them to get away from noise. Some people, however, don’t think this kind of action is acceptable. For me, I believe fireworks and crackers should be banned. Reasons are listed below.


Firstly, fireworks and crackers can cause sound pollution. It is known to all that when fireworks and crackers are set off; they will make great sound which will disturb other people who want to have a rest. Especially at New Year’s Eve, we can’t go to sleep because there is too much noise outside.


Secondly, fireworks and crackers will cause air pollution. When firework is set off, it will produce lots of sulfur dioxide which is harmful to our environment.


Thirdly, fireworks and crackers can cause damage. Fireworks and crackers are very easy to explosive. When people light them, some accident will happen. It is happened quite often that some people get hurt by lighting it.


All in all, fireworks and crackers do lots of harm to people so we shouldn’t set off fireworks and crackers. On the contrary, we can celebrate our holiday by other ways instead of setting off firework.



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是否应该禁止燃放烟花炮竹 Should Fireworks and Crackers be banned?

For recent years, most cities in China are not allowed to light fireworks and crackers during New Year. Some people think this is good for them to get away from noise.

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