Recently, Beijing Education Department has announced that the full mark of English in the college entrance examination in 2016 will be 100 points, which has dropped 50 points from previous years. While the Chinese will be 180 points, the mathematics remains the same, still 150 points. After the news has been exploded, this policy has caused great attention among the public. Some people even wonder: do we still need English as before? And the status of English still remains the same in China? Well, as far as I am concern, English still an indispensable part of our daily lives.


Firstly, English language is of crucial important in international cooperation and exchange. In this competitive world, no country can survive without any other contact with other countries. And throughout all the interactions, English, as a global language, is the bridge for us to communicate with other people who from different culture, different countries. Two thirds of the world trade is conducted in English. In order to perform our duties and enjoy our rights as a significant member of WTO, we do need English by all means.


Secondly, English is compulsory in elementary, secondary and further education. One has to pass the English tests to get his certifications. Although we don’t need English so much in our daily lives,  when we turn on the computer, listen to the radio, we may find English is everywhere. So, it’s quite necessary for all of us to master a foreign language. Even in the developed countries, students are required to learn at least one foreign language. And learning English makes contributions to one’s development to some extent.


Although the English marks of college entrance examination will drop to 100, we still need English in our daily lives. With the rapid development of economic and cultural globalization, learning English is still the tendency for the young generations. It’s not only the tool for people to communicate, but also the golden key to get personal development.

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