公务员热之我见My View on the Crazy of Civil Servant

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Recently, there are more and more people crazy about taking part in the exam of civil servant. They regard it as a good salary, easy, stable and permanent job.

Recently, there are more and more people crazy about taking part in the exam of civil servant. They regard it as a good salary, easy, stable and permanent job. This is why so many people fight for it. With the increasing competition on job finding these years, the phenomenon that people are crazy about civil servant becomes more and more common. But in m opinion, I don’t agree with so many people to fight for such rare positions.
On the one hand, it is so difficult to be a civil servant. As the civil servant position is limited, there are many people will be failed in the end. What’s worse, a person maybe fails every time because of the fierce competition. As a result, it will hurt his confidence and waste a lot of his time. This is more kicks than halfpence. On the other hand, not only the civil servant is the good job, in the company also can find a good job. I think if you can use your learned knowledge to create achievement, receive a good pay and get self-development, it is a good job. In addition, civil servant will not be a secure job gradually. Development is more important. 
To sum up, although civil servant is a good job, but there is no need for everyone try their best to get it. There is something better waiting for you.


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公务员热之我见My View on the Crazy of Civil Servant

Recently, there are more and more people crazy about taking part in the exam of civil servant. They regard it as a good salary, easy, stable and permanent job.

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