为什么微博那么受欢迎? Why Micro Blog is Popular?

原创 作者:adreep 2013-12-10

Nowadays, update personal micro blog has become a fashion, especially among young people. In 2009, when the micro blog first came into China, nobody expected it can be so popular in such a short time.

Nowadays, update personal micro blog has become a fashion, especially among young people. In 2009, when the micro blog first came into China, nobody expected it can be so popular in such a short time. It’s so popular that some celebrities in different fields have their personal micro blog, some of them even have more than ten million followers. Why micro blog is that popular? In my opinion, this is because the unique features of micro blog.


First, update micro blog feels like writing personal diary. The difference between them is one is private, while the other is open to the public. People can use micro blog to express their inner voice, show their attitude toward to social activities and current affairs. What’s more, micro blog do not have any rules or other requires for the users, it provides a fair platform for everybody to show themselves. When you want to write down something, you don’t need a pen and a book, just a smart phone which connect with the Internet, and then you can record everything on your mind. It’s so convenient that everybody loves it.


Second, micro blog has the latest information that you can see what is happening right now and what is going to be next. It enables people to participate in problem discussion and debate. You can find the hottest topics on the micro blog, from entertainment to political, from individual thoughts to world events. There are always something new on micro blog that can catch your attention. The best part is you can login micro blog at any place, any time. It’s quite convenient for people to browse the latest news.


Micro blog makes our lives more colorful and convey information and share emotions, thus we enjoy update micro blog. I think the future of micro blog is bright and full of energy. It’s not going to fade away in our lives.



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