Everyone needs to make choice sometimes. For most university graduates, they have difficulties in making choice for job. After all, not everyone is born and lives in the big city. For those students whose family is in the small town, they have to choose their working place. To work in the big city or not? Different people have different opinions. In my opinion, every coin has two sides.


One the one hand, working in the city is full of temptations. There are more enterprises, especially famous company in the big city. It is certain that they will have more opportunities, which is most young people wants. They have the chance to own a good place to show their abilities, so that they can earn a promising future for themselves. However, if they work in the small town, they may not have such opportunities. In most cases, big city is a better place for fighting.


On the other hand, working in the big city also has its disadvantages. With the increasing force competition of the society, people will have more stress living in it. For example, the increasing house price, product price, and the competition between the people in the same industry. But working in the small town will have less possibility to stand that kind of pressure. Their life will be more comfortable.


In conclusion, working in the big city has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on different people’s choice and their life purpose. I hope everybody can make their proper decision according to their own situation.


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