As phones are spreading into everywhere in our life, we use it quite often to contact our acquainted people. Less people would like to write letters to their friends as for contact purpose. Some people believe that phone call or message is faster than letters. But others don’t think so. They tend to communicate with their friends by letter for they think letters can fully express their emotions. For me, I agree that phone is convenient than letters. Reasons are listed below:
First of all, communicate with others by phone is faster than by letters. We can call our friends in a minute and get the latest information about them. But if you want to write a letter, then it takes you minutes to write a letter for them and you will also get the outdated information about them. 
Secondly, phone is convenient than letter. If we call others, all we need to do is to dial their number and make phone calls no matter where are you. But if we write letters to others, then we need time to write words down and send letters. Compare with the phone call, letter seems to do more work than make phone call.  
All in all, phone is much convenient and saves us time to contact or communicate with others comparing with letters. Therefore, an increasing number of people tend to use phone instead of letter. 
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