As college graduates start to seek for the first full-time job, the two factors of high-growth and high-pay are most likely to catch their attention. While an ideal job contains both factors, sometimes students just can choose one of them. On my opinion, as a college graduate, it is better to choose a high-growth job.
Every student wants to earn enough money to buy a beautiful house or a fancy car; they are enjoying what money brings for them. But comparing to these material things, the sense of success occupies more important position. The first job plays an important part in forming students’ career outlook and ambition. While the high-pay job lacks of vitality and creativity, students will lose themselves easily.
The high-growth job can provide students the chance of promotion. This gives students the motivation to compete for the position, the one who does well will get promoted. For the purpose of getting promoted, students have to fulfill themselves, so they will learn more, even they finish the contract with the company, and they still can find a good job in another company.
High-growth jobs and high-pay jobs both are tempting; some students who are with short sight will choose the latter, while the wise students will choose the former. What decision you make will affect you in the rest of your life.
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