For many students, university graduation is a turning point, they have to prepare to enter the workforce. Students not only consider what kind of job they should choose, but also the geographical setting. As for me, my preference would be to work in a big city rather than a small town.


The biggest advantage of working in a big city is its great employment opportunity. Because of the fierce competition in the city, most graduated students choose to work in the small towns, but if we want to have more income, a competitive job market is a necessary. Big city provides more chances and better jobs, it is the big stage for students, they can fight for their future and realize what they want.
Another important benefit of working in the city is that it has many amusements. We can find that
people who live in the city like Beijing and Shanghai have colorful life, they can watch a movie and walk in the coffee shop, talk to their friends, what a comfortable lifestyle. While if they work in the towns, they can only watch TV and wait to sleep.
For college graduates, it is hard for them to choose a suitable job, but after considering all the factors, I believe working in a big city is a good choice.

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