The schools and teachers always emphasis the we should be a model student. But what is the definition of model student? This is a question that worth thinking about. 
We all believe that a model student is someone that dose everything so well that others would follow it, which means he should take lead in everything we do. First of all, he will plan everything perfectly then do the things according to the plans. He always can find a balance between study and paly. He never leave today’s homework to tomorrow. Second, he will listen very carefully to what the teachers say and help others with their homeworks. He has a high standard of morality and always think about others feeling. He is so excellent that he can always get high marks on his examinations. Last but not least, he should take part in every activity. Such as football, singing and so on. He is not only good at study, but also good at team work cooperations. 
Being a model student is not that easy. It takes determination and efforts. If we want to be model students, we should work really hard on it. 

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