In Chinese traditional blind date, the boy and the girl meet each other which is arranged by their parents, then the two fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Today, the young people like to choose their partners by themselves, there are many dating shows to provide chances for the young people to make friends. But I don’t think the shows are reliable.


First, as a show, the first concerned factor is the profit. To make a show, the producer puts the audience in the first place, the more audiences, the more advertisements, the more profit. Thus the director must do something to make the show interesting, then the purpose of dating the young people is not pure, it is more likely to amuse the audiences.

Second, the relationship that was built on the stage won’t last long. When the young people meet in the stage, they get to know each other in a short time, they can’t get fully information about each other. Even they build their relationship on the stage, what will happen in the stage? They will find more defects, realizing they are not matched.

Dating show is very popular in China, but we must not take it serious, treating them the way to find amusement in casual life.


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