In 2009, the whole world is under a financial crisis attack, a high unemployment rate happened at the end of that year, about 20 percent of people between 16 and 24 were out of work in the UK, which means few students are willing to take a risk on a dream career, most of them will choose to work on the less promising work, in my opinion, this could bring success, too.


When talking about success, people’s first reaction is working in a big office and making a lot of money. So when students graduate from school and start to choose work, their first consideration is to work in a famous company, then the small company is ignored. But the world economy is not that as good as before, students have to choose to work in a less promising company, and though they feel frustrated, they need work to support them.


Students should put away their biases to the work, small companies can provide the chance for them to get successful. If students have enough ability, the stage provided by the small company also can bring them a promising future.


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