Dear future Daisy,
By the time you read this, I hope you will have some good changes. Right now I’m always complaining of my stupid, of not mature and unsocial. But I still had many hopes and dreams about the future, where you’d be, what you’d be doing, and with whom you’d be staying. And I hope that you can live better in the future with your own efforts.
I hope you can finish some books in a year, and write down your ideas about those books you like. I hope you can find fun from books again as you did before. Do not indulge in the games. I hope that you can do better in your career. Do not be a sloth!
I hope you can develop another hobby and hold on to enjoying it and do not give up on it. I hope that you can try to take connect with your past close friends whom you don’t communicate frequently as before. Be more sociable! Take the chance of going out with friends and have your time! And also you should call home regularly.
I hope you can insist on running or doing other sports. Sports can help you be a nicer girl. Live healthy and beautiful. However, you cannot finish this plan; I wish you will be happier and open-mind.
Live a life to it’s fullest.
Love Daisy “past”
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