When it comes to the topic “What’s the value of work?”, different people hold different points of view.

A group of people think that work is just a method for living. They hope that they could spend as little as possible to earn as much money as possible. The more money they make and the less time they spend, the more value the work has. Put that in another way, the value of work is measured in terms of money.
Some think that we should work for our dreams. We do the job just because we love it. Focusing time and energy on what we love makes us fulfilling. The purpose for which we work should be making contribution to society’s development and at the same time improving ourselves.
In my opinion, I agree that work is equipment. But that’s not all work of value. When choosing work, we should measure the reward and our dream. I am sure that people would put more efforts into the things they like, and someday they will get anything they deserve in return. And that’s the value of work in my mind.

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