Nowadays, people like to use Weibo, they can keep eye on all kinds of interesting news. When they see the news, people like to discuss the news, they like to play jokes that outlook decides everything, they mean it serious with fun. In my opinion, the outlook is indeed important, but it can’t decide all the things.

On the one hand, being good-looking provides more chances. If people look pretty, they will impress others, let others like you quickly. A beauty will attract more boys, while a homely looking girl attracts fewer boys. It is true that a person with good looking will have more chances, no matter on love affair or job interview. We have to admit that outlook is important.

On the other hand, though outlook provides more chances, it can’t decide all the things, people still need to be capable and have good character. Good looking only gives you more chances at the beginning, but in the long run, people must be capable, or they will fail quickly. What’s more, good character is more important than outlook, it decides whether a person will be liked by others in the long run.

Outlook is important, but the inner quality decides all things. We should have the right idea about the outlook.

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