Recently, there are many celebrities were caught taking drugs, and it is not the first time the public to hear such news, the amusement circle just like the dirty pool, which gets close will be polluted. A famous script writer was set free from prison, he was caught by the police when taking drugs, the bad thing is that he said he never regret taking drugs, for it has nothing affected his work. His attitude is criticized by the public. 


No doubt taking drugs will have a great negative effect. First, it will harm people’s health. People must need to take drugs at a certain time, it will weaken their bodies, making them thinner. Second, taking drugs will disorder their minds. Once people are addicted to it, they will do everything to get drugs, like stealing. They don’t have the consciousness that what they do is wrong. 


So taking drugs indeed changes people’s lives, it is so hard for people to get rid of them, so people must not want to try them. Leaving the drugs behind, cherish your life.

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