为什么女孩喜欢大叔 Why Do Girls Crush On Da Shu?

原创 作者:adreep 2014-11-05

When we go down the street, if we take a notice on the couples, we may find that besides those young girls, there are not only young boys, but also Da Shu.

When we go down the street, if we take a notice on the couples, we may find that besides those young girls, there are not only young boys, but also Da Shu. Da Shu means these men who are in middle ages,today, many young girls crush on Da Shu, their love for Da Shu have many reasons.

On the one hand, Da Shu have stable job which brings girls security. Da Shu have fought for their future for a certain time, so they have earn some reputation and own good income, they can afford almost what the girls want, satisfying the girls in materials. Comparing with the young boys who are struggling for the living and make ends meet, young girls prefer to choose Da Shu.

On the other hand, Da Shu have mature mind, their broad vision is such a great charm that attracts the young girls. As Da Shu are not young anymore, they have gone through many difficulties and their life experience are so rich. Young girls haven’t experienced these before, they are so curious about what the Da Shu experienced, like reading an interesting book.

Young girls’ affection for Da Shu shows that they are eager to be mature and explore the world, while they should grow up by themselves, instead of putting their emotion on the older men. 


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