To be a teacher is always my goal, when I go to school, I was so admired the teachers, they not only taught us with all kinds of knowledge from the books, but also taught us how to be a good person. While to be a good teacher is not easy, I must learn to respect the students and care about them, in this way, I can do the good job.

To be a good teacher, first, I must learn to respect my students. As the students are under mature, they have no idea what is wrong and what is right, so they will make mistakes all the time, at that time, I must deal with their mistakes carefully. I should respect them and then talk to them instead of judging them. 

Second, I should care about my students. I am not only teach them knowledge, but also their friend, so I should talk to them often, trying to get to know their situations and learn to know the changes happen in them.

To be a good teacher is not easy, so I work hard on it, I believe I can be a good teacher.

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