I am getting my internship now, I am being an English teacher in a college, I really enjoy being a teacher, passing my knowledge to the students, I also like to communicate with my students, we share own opinion and talk happily. During those internship days, I realize that a good teacher should also be the students’ friend.


As a teacher, my duty is to teach my students with my knowledge, I will do my best to teach them, making them learn knowledge at the easiest way. At the same time, I also need to improve myself, so that I will keep pace with the world and refresh my knowledge, teaching my students with the newest information.


As a friend, the students are willing to talk to me, they like to share their happiness and sorrow with me, they need a listener and I am their best choice. Being the students’ friend closers our distance, I can get to know them and give my best advice.


A good teacher must be a good friend to students, that is what I have learned during my internship days, I want to do my job well in the following days.

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