Now I am a post graduate student, I will graduate next year, so I start to find jobs recently, I feel so much pressure, though I have good education, I still get rejection from the companies. The pressure of graduate students are so heavy, the competition is so fierce that many students can’t get the ideal jobs. They should adjust their strategies.

The pressure of graduate students is so heavy. On the one hand, they don’t have experience, so they don’t know how to get the job interview and miss many chances. On the other hand, there are more and more students have high education, some have received higher education, some have studies abroad which make their resumes stand out. Those average students don’t have advantages over the above mentioned ones.

Average students need to make their resumes specially, so they can have the chance. They can describe their characteristic to fit the job, the employers will see this and give you the chance. Students can also make their internship experience stand out, because the employers pay special attention to it.

The job pressure is heavy for every graduate student, if the students take the wise strategy, they can have more chances to get the job.

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