Going to the theater to watch the movie is a traditional way for people to have fun. Theater is a good place for people to relax themselves, especially for the couples, they will treat the theater as the best dating place. Now more people are attracted by the TV series, they trend to open the TV instead of going to the theater, it seems that film is less popular, but I don’t think so.
It is true that nowadays the TV series catch many people’s eyes. On the one hand, the TV series have the good plot and the successive seasons attract people to stay at home to watch them every night. On the other hand, watching the movie is a great expense compared with watching TV series. Watching TV series is free, while watching the movie needs people to buy the ticket, it is not cheap.

The film is still popular. When we look at the total sum of big movie, we can find that such movie still earn a lot of money, it means many people have watched it. The good movie still wins people’s attention, so film is favored all the time.
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