For the old people, they like to save money, because they need money to keep the sense of security. Once the emergent situation happens, they will take out the money and solve the problem. While for the young people, they like to spend money to find fun, happiness comes first. I think it is better to combine both of them.

First, we need to save money. Once I was asked if worrying tomorrow was a good thing, now my answer is definitely yes. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, but we can save some money so that we can make better plans for tomorrow. If we meet the emergent situation in the future, money will be the best help. 

Second, we also need to spent money. The money is not so easy for us to earn, we work so hard to make our living. So when we get the money, we will spend it and find the amusement. Life needs fun, we spend the money to improve our lives and enjoy life.

Saving money and spending money are both needed, we can find the balance between them and live the better life.
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