There is no doubt that money is very important, we can’t live without money. Most things we need to keep living are bought by money. Everybody works hard to make the ends meet. Money can satisfy people with they want, it seems that money is everything, but I don’t think so.
There is something that money can’t buy. The sense of happiness is one of them. Though with a lot of money, we can buy the big and luxury house, the sense of happiness is from the heart. If the person works very hard to buy the house and he has less time to stay at home, because he needs to pay the bill, then I don’t think he is happy. 
For the poor people, though they don’t have much money, I see they live with laughter all the time. When I lived in the country, my life was simple. The food I ate was vegetables and sometimes I had the meat. I did not care much about it. When I moved to the city, I felt lonely, though I earned more money, I missed the country life. 
Money is not everything, the happiness is nothing with money. 

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