Nowadays, people can pay in many ways. The original way to pay is to give the cash, then as the development of the Internet, people can pay by the Internet. Credit card is favored by most people, because it can pay in advance. While some may be stuck by the incurring debts and life becomes hard.
The life of incurring debts is really not comfortable, take my friend for example. My friend liked to go shopping very much, she bought new clothes all the time. But her little income couldn’t support her to buy so many clothes, so she went to the bank and made a credit card, which meant that she had some money in advance. My friend spent the money in a month, she felt so satisfied, but the thing was that the bank asked her to return part of the money every month. It sounded so terrible, she was in debt and struggled with her life in a year. 
Seeing my friend’s experience of paying debts, I dare not to pay in advance, at least so far, I don’t have the ability to pay back. Even I don’t have much income, I still can live the good life.
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