成为一个专才还是通才To Become a Specialist or a Generalist

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becoming a specialist means we master a skill, but becoming a generalist can complete a person and help him to be a better one.

In the college, students learn so many knowledge and try to make themselves stand out, so that they can win over others when they come to the job market. Some students focus on the professional knowledge, and other students focus on the general knowledge. In my opinion, it is necessary to become both specialist and generalist.
On the one hand, we need to learn our major so well, so that we can development our skills. In the college, the major we choose always decides the job that we will work on. The schools cultivate students to be the professional persons, when they graduate, they can find their own place. 
On the other hand, it is very helpful to learn the general knowledge. Mastering the professional knowledge is the our main duty, but if we have known more about other fields, we can be versatile. We will be the knowledgeable person and are welcomed anywhere.  It is easy for us to get successful.
In all, becoming a specialist means we master a skill, but becoming a generalist can complete a person and help him to be a better one. 

成为一个明智的人 To Be a Wise Person


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成为一个专才还是通才To Become a Specialist or a Generalist

becoming a specialist means we master a skill, but becoming a generalist can complete a person and help him to be a better one.

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