In China, being a civil servant is a lot of young people’s goals, they study so hard and want to join the government’s team. Every year, thousands of young people join the civil servant’s exam, some positions even choose one person among over four hundred people. People who are crazy about this position have their reasons.
On the one hand, being a civil servant means the stability. Nowadays, the world’s economy is very unstable. In 2008, America had gone through a very hard time, many people lost the jobs. Such situation depresses the young person, they are afraid of losing everything, so they want to find a permanent job.
On other hand, being a civil servant looks like a decent job in the old generation’s eyes. In our parents’ eyes, being a civil servant is like having some power, so they can have face and brag to others. As parents’ great expectation on such a job, so the young persons have the motivation.
The heat of being a civil servant is still increasing, while the young person must figure out if they really want to have it as their career. 
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