Nowadays, college teachers have faced the new challenge, they need to accept the students’ rating of them. The teachers are in great pressure, because if they get the low mark, they will be embarrassed and question about themselves. In my opinion, the rating is good for both students and teachers.

On the one hand, the students can give their reaction to the teachers. In traditional class, teacher is in the leading position, all the students go with them. When the students have the questions, they don’t have the time to ask. But rating system makes the class no longer the one-sided activity, the students are the important part. They can let the teachers know how the teaching method is working. 

On the other hand, the teacher can adjust their teaching method. The new system pays attention to the students’ reaction, so the teachers can better understand how the students feel about their lessons. They can make some changes, so the students learn better. 

The rating system is necessary, it makes both the teacher and students become the important parts of the class. 
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