为什么女孩要那么努力工作 Why Girls Work So Hard

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In the old days, it was men’s job to raise the family and the women should stay at home to deal with all kinds of chores. But in the modern society,

In the old days, it was men’s job to raise the family and the women should stay at home to deal with all kinds of chores. But in the modern society, women desire to go out of the house and find their places in the world. They work so hard to fulfill their value.

In the traditional view, girls will marry someday and then they will focus on the family, so there is no need for them to work so hard. But it is totally wrong for the girls. No matter which stage they are in, they need to work hard to keep their economic source. As the saying that no money, no talk, so the girls can say out their thoughts loudly in the family instead of feeling shameful to fight for their rights.

Whether girls marry or not, working can help them keep in pace with the time. The working surrounding not only can distract their pressure in the family, but also can broaden their vision. The colleagues can talk to them and relieve their negative emotion. Working can make a girl charming.


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