For college students, when graduation season comes, it is time for them to leave campus and find their own place in the world. But according to the report, most students lost jobs in the first year, though there are still a lot of chances. College students refuse the chances and wait for the better one.

The first job matters so much, it can make students find the sense of belonging, so don’t be picky for the first job. Most students believe that they deserve the job with high salary and potential development. While the fact is that the competition is so fierced and you have to compete with a lot of excellent students, only a few can get the chance. So it is better to find a job and gain the experience.

The location is also the important factor to consider. I think it is a good choice to work in the city that is near our home, so that we can go home often and spend more time with our parents. When we have job problem, we can come to our family for help.

So don’t be picky for the first job, when we have experience, we can make our own choice.
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