Olympic Games provides athletes an equal stage to compete, and the slogan is to pursue higher, stronger and faster. No matter what color the athletes are, they deserve to be respected. There is no racist, the white, the yellow or the black can find their own places.

Everyone is born to be equal. Though the black people used to be slaves in the history and today the racist still exists, the inspiring news is that most people have realize the equality of human rights and they respect each other. The world’s hottest little girl, David Beckham’s daughter, was caught by the media carring a different doll at her hand all the time. The doll is black skin and has no hair, which is a kind of special doll to educate the kids that black people are their friends. 

The public speaks highly of David’s education,because he implants the idea of equality to the little girl in a special way. We will be happy to see that all the people are treated in the same way. Everyone deserves to be given the equal rights. 

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