When Valentine’s Day comes, the couples like to share their sweet moments and post the pictures on the Internet. The young couples will do all kinds of romantic things to surprise each other, while the old generation’s relationship impresses me most.

In the romantic movie New York, I Love You, which was filmed by several short stories. There was a story about an old couple. They walked to the beach, while on the way, the woman complained about the man on many small issues, but the men barely argued. Finally, when they reached the destination, they suddenly hand in hand and appreciated the sunset. What a lovely story, it is so close to the real life, just like every couple’s final end. 

Most young people chase for romantic moment, which makes them excited. But the nature of life is made up of small issues. When two people considerate about each other and find a way to deal with conflicts, their marriage can be lasted long. Surprise is the flavor in daily life, it makes sense when it happens in special days. 
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