The young generation likes to post their selfies on the social software. As all the pictures look perfect, people will give them the “like”. According to the research, people take selfies to make them look much better because of the vanity. They want to catch more people’s attention and enjoy being praised.

Most people have such experience. When they first see a person from the selfies, they will be attracted by his or her perfect looking, but when they finally meet the person face to face, they feel lost because the person looks not that stunning from the pictures. With the development of camera technology, people can use some softwares to beautify their selfies, even make them look like stars.

The reason why people like to take selfies online is that they want to present the best sides to their friends, showing the status of enjoying life. Actually, people are under many pressure from work and study. They seek comfort by presenting the perfect situation. When they receive the praise from the Internet, they will be happy and forget the annoyance. If selfies can bring them the positive attitude to life, which is a good technology.
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