According to the research, even the policy of second child has been carried out, the rate of newborn infant still keeps low. Because of the economic pressure, a lot of families only want one child. What's more, more single ladies refuse to marry, so some people predict that the aging society is coming soon. It is true that more women choose to be single for many reasons.

First, women become more independent today. With the development of economy, more girls receive higher education and they have ability to make more income, so they chase for more rights and ask for equal treatment with men. They can live better life without marriage. They are independent and can control their own life.

Second, most women don't want to give up career. When a woman marries, it is hard for her to balance career and families, and the common decision is to give up former. But without career, they are easily lose confidence and bound themselves in the family chores. So most women believe that it is not worthy of giving career.

The raise power of female requires men to be considerate. When women find the balance between family and career, then they are willing to marry. 
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