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Advertisements are forcing their way into people’s lives. People refer to advertisements in their daily lives because they are consumers.

Advertisements are forcing their way into people’s lives. People refer to advertisements in their daily lives because they are consumers. The advertisers are usually manufacturers, retailers and salesmen. Their merchandise needs to be advertised to bring it to the attention to the customers. Thus nearly every product is advertised in some way. To a large extent, good advertising leads to success while bad advertising can mean failure.


There are many ways to advertise and ‘ads’ come in different forms. Newspapers carry advertisements. Some products are publicized on TV and radio which bring them into notice of a wide audience. Billboards also carry advertising. Advertising is a big industry now and many agencies have been set up to furnish a variety of forms.


However, advertising is not always truthful. A product is often misrepresented. The advertiser exaggerates the benefits of the merchandise he wants to sell. Thus, he misrepresents the truth. The consumer falls victim to such advertising. Millions of people have bought advertised products and have been dissatisfied with them。



广告应该受到限制吗? Should Ads Be Restricted?


电视中的广告 Ads In the TV Shows


广告的争议 The Criticism of Ads


电影能植入广告吗?Can Advertisements Be Showed In the Movie?

advertisements should not be showed in the movie, they ruin the sense of beauty in the movie, people have the right to enjoy the pure movie.

广告的负面影响The Negative Sides of Advertisement

Today, as the development of the media, people are affected by the advertisements greatly.

广告之我见 My View on Advertisement

Advertisements are everywhere in this world. Through advertisement, people know about a product.

广告是诅咒 Advertisement is a Curse

When you hear this topic, you may wonder how dare I can say this! As we all live in 21th century, the information age, we need advertisement as a tool to delivery information from one to another. Undoubtedly, it is more convenient for us to know more about information through advertisements.

征婚广告 Dating Advertisement

If you pay attention, you will see many dating advertisement around yourself, for example, newspaper, TV, computer and so on. Do you think they are reliable?

广告的好处The Advantage of Advertisement

With the development of society, there are more and more new industries appear in people’s life. Advertising industry is one of them. It is at the trends of flourishing.

应不应该限制电视广告 Should TV Advertisement be Banned?

With the development of a market-oriented economy, advertisement becomes a dominant feature in the television industry. Some people think it bring lots of advantages and convenience for human beings, while some people consider the disadvantages it brings are more than advantages and it should be res





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