As I sat in my room one summer day preparing my lessons,I felt that the weather was very hot and unpleasant.The sun shone brightly and the birds kept sitting in the trees which,for there was no wind,made no stir.Suddenly a dark cloud hid the sun.The wind began to blow.I knew that a storm would soon come.
      The sky is full of black clouds.Flashes of lightning lit up the courts and old houses,and thunder begins to roar overhead.No birds sing any longer,but the leaves of the trees rustle and a wind blows against our faces.A drop of water falls,then another,and then the rain falls on the leaves of the trees and the iron roofs with a noise like the beting of drums.A brilliant stripe of light fills the sky.Suddenly there comes a terrible thunderclap overhead,and then the sky is full of roars of thunder.
      After a while,the rain stopped and the thunder and lightning ceased.The sky became blue again,and the birds once more sang sweetly,while the trees and the flowers seemed almost as happy as before.

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