I think childhood is the happiest period in life, because there are few troubles and worries at that time. The only thing we worry about is our study. Therefore, it’s a time for fun and enjoyment. In my memory, my childhood was colorful and interesting. I was born in the countryside, and I didn’t have many toys, just like other kids in my hometown. But as a creative group, we could always make a lot of toys by ourselves, which need no money at all. We could get all materials around. Toy-making process is of course very interesting. Sometimes, we might quarrel with other kids because of different ideas, but we would get on well soon. Of course, I was to blame by my parents due to my naughtiness. Sometimes they even banned me out. However, when I remember those things now, I often feel happy rather than sad or angry. I will always cherish my childhood in my mind.


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