With the fast development of China, Chinese has been a popular language in foreign countries. However, many students in campus have neglected the importance of Chinese in some ways.


Many factors can account for this situation. In the first place, foreign language has increasingly become a necessary skill in many work areas. As a result, in order to hunt a good job, most students have to pay much more attention to learning foreign language than learning Chinese. Moreover, many universities have marginalized the importance of learning Chinese. Consequently, students have less opportunity to get in touch with the Chinese and Chinese culture. Due to this ignorance for Chinese, the study of Chinese is on the decline.


In view of this situation, some effective measures should be taken at once. For one thing, the government and other related organizations should give publicity to the importance of learning Chinese so that more and more people and the next generation can understand. For another, university should continue to develop the Chinese course and provide various chances for students to study Chinese. Finally, as the future of our motherland, we should make some contributions to spread our language and culture.


All in all, due attention should be given to the study of Chinese.


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